The Birth of “Batata Greens”

 “Batata Greens” depicts a connation of Vegetarianism.

Batata Leaves, known as Sweet Potato Leaves, was normally treated as reaped refuse for pig diet. Its nutrition is only valued and widely consumed recently.

Today, the animal protectionism, ecologism, environmentalism and health consciousness’s promotion for the benefits of green dietary, totally transform the fate of vegetarianism from being disregarded as inconsequence food.

With the aspiration from Batata Leaves which withstands tenacious vitality, we have a faith in our advocation for the blossom of Vegetarianism.

This is the spirit of “Batata Greens”.


Stepping into twenty-one centuries, human faces two ineluctable issues, “Environmental Sustainability” and “Inclusion”. People gradually are aware of the severity of deprivation and overconsumption on natural resources and some of other species are no longer sustainable. Addition to inhumane production of the livestock industry, it brings an imaginable burden on the earth and erosion on human conscience.

“Reverence For Life .Peace Comes True” is our mission to promote vegetarianism. The inclusion of all the species and lives on earth, we need to know and experience the true meaning of peace through vegetarian diet, meanwhile, we could achieve a healthy development in both physically and psychologically.

“Less Heat! Less Meat! Best life!” is our slogan to popularize vegetarian culture. We hope people can realize it is an urge of the needs for changes. One small change for ourselves, it makes one giant leap to seek for a better world.

Product Quality and Service Area

Batata Greens commits the greatest conscience from our heart and delivers best quality of products to our customers as our major assets. We visit worldwide regularly to source high-quality vegetarian ingredients and products for the consumers. Our products are natural oriented to avoid chemical additives as much as possible. All the products are verified to ensure food safety on vegetarian standard.

Apart from our brand “Batata Greens”, we operate vegetarian supermarkets, selling all kinds of vegetarian products in one-step, providing a convenient and comfortable shopping experience to each customer.  

Our products are distributed in major supermarkets, chain stores and individual stores with both off line and online shops in Hong Kong and Macau. Meanwhile, we also have a professional team to serve for both of wholesale and catering customers.