Batata Greens

The brand "Batata Greens" concept is to popularise vegetarianism.

To us, vegetarianism represents the respect and prevention of exploitation of all life. We value the importance of coexisting harmoniously with other animals.

Being born and raised in Hong Kong, the founder decided to lay the roots of Batata Greens in the same place he calls home.

To ensure that the quality of vegetarian products and hygiene of production environment meet our strict requirements, we regularly visit food factories in Taiwan and Malaysia. The product variety will be expanded to European countries in order to satisfy the market needs.

"Batata Greens" Hong Kong Brand provides high quality vegetarian food products, including Veggie balls series, Western series, Party food series, Chinese bun series, Vegan dumplings series, Vegan Chinese pancake series, Vegan rice burger series, Monkey-head mushroom series, etc.