Vegetarian Wholesale

Talful as the largest vegan/vegetarian supplier in Hong Kong, in order to better promote vegetarianism, we provides high quality of products to wholesales, catering and retails.

Supported Equipment

In-house refrigerated warehouse and refrigerated truck to ensure the products will not expose to any meat during storage and transportation.

Vegetarian Products

Provided more than 700 skus of different products that are free from allium, including healthy products, frozen foods, food  & beverage, snacks, cereals and etc.

We visit Taiwan and Malaysia factories periodically to ensure it meets our standard of product quality and food hygiene. Simultaneously, we also visit different countries to enlarge our product range and to lead the demand of the market needs.

Batata Greens is our own vegetarian brand established in Hong Kong; the high quality of our products is promised to customers. We provide a wide array of products includes vegetarian balls, western style foods, party foods, Chinese buns, dumplings, Chinese pancakes and a range of monkey head mushroom and etc.

Talful has distribute some vegetarian and health brands, such as Sweden OATLY oat milk, Malaysia Tao Yuan Vegetarian Lean Meat etc.

Vegetarian Catering

Talful supplies many vegetarian restaurants. Apart from suppling goods, we have launched some promotional campaign together with restaurants, so as to enhance the restaurant’s fame and sales volume.

Non Vegetarian Catering

Based on our vision to better promote vegetarian, Talful dedicated to promote this culture into different catering.

We have open kitchen, provide food tasting for restaurants, which are convenient to tailor made the vegetarian menu.


Apart from goods supply, Talful provides some promotional materials such as leaflets.

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Tel:  2485 3423